Good communication is the key to maximizing the success of your organization.

And communication is everything.

Glenn May-Anderson
Glenn May-AndersonManaging Director
As the son of a broadcaster, Glenn literally grew up in radio studios. From a very young age, he became fascinated with the power of communication. After attending Ryerson for Radio and Television Arts, Glenn embarked on a brief career as a radio announcer, in Kitchener-Waterloo and Toronto, before embarking on a 30-year career in business.

Starting in sales and marketing, Glenn eventually grew to fill senior leadership roles, spending over a decade helping others build and grow their companies by spotting trends and opportunities, and helping entrepreneurs clarify and articulate their value propositions through their messaging.

Through it all, Glenn has remained engaged with communications, media, and marketing trends, both traditional and digital. He believes there is too much focus on technology, and not enough focus on the message, when it comes to corporate communications in today’s complex, “always-on” world.

Glenn has assisted corporate leaders and elected politicians with their communication strategies, messaging, and public speaking. He has contributed his voice and presentation talents to a number of different projects, and his writing has been featured in various online publications and newspapers. He is currently working on publishing his first book – on communications, of course.

Jennifer May-Anderson
Jennifer May-AndersonManaging Director
Jennifer is on a mission to simplify and improve the hornet’s nest that most organizations face when it comes to how they communicate with their existing and prospective clients and customers.

Originally trained as a broadcast journalist, Jennifer has an extensive 20-year background in strategic, tactical, and crisis communications. She began her career working as a news reporter and anchor, before taking on communications roles in the transportation industry, eventually taking on management positions at for-purpose and non-governmental organizations. She currently serves as the Executive Director for a local not-for-profit organization.

Her ability to distill any communications challenge to its core elements, and then quickly create a clearly defined solution, makes Jennifer a highly-sought-after consultant and advisor by industry associations and other businesses and organizations on the subject of effective corporate communications.

Jennifer has a unique understanding of, and tremendous talent in, public speaking, non-profit management, board governance, and the challenges facing purpose-driven organizations in today’s world.

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