We are a Communications, Public Relations, and Consulting firm driven to help small-and-medium-sized businesses and organizations in both the for-profit and purpose-driven worlds.

We believe there is so much more to connecting with your customers, clients, and stakeholders than the technology you use.  What you say is just as important as how – and when – you say it.

Communications is everything today.  We specialize in website creation and maintenance and social media content, scheduling, setup and management.  We are experts in media training and crisis communications & management.  We can help you develop an overall communications strategy, and help you deliver your message in any media, at any time, and for any circumstance.  We’ll write your scripts or speeches, and ensure everything is on-message.  We’re there for you when you need help with public, media, or government relations, leveraging our knowledge and networks in each of these areas.  We also partner with the best providers when it comes to media or graphic production services to meet your needs.   No matter your communications challenge, Lumaro can help.

It all starts with you.  On the web, in social media, the traditional press, and in customer relations, your messaging is critical.  We focus on clarifying and improving your messaging, and then determining the places you should be delivering it.  And we deliver our services and expertise at a price you can afford.


Can your customers find you?

Can you find them?

Do you control your digital presence, or are you leaving it all up to chance?

Make sure you know your market.  Meet your customers – and potential customers – where they are.


What are you saying?

What are they hearing?

Many business owners are so busy doing what they do, they don’t pause long enough to think about what they say.

We make sure your value proposition is loud and clear  – to everyone.


Get ready to grow.

Become the leader.

Grow your business, your organization, your reputation, or your profile.

However you define it, we can help you grow effectively by spending your dollars in the right places that meet your needs.

Connect. Improve. Grow.