Before you spend another dollar on any aspect of communications for your business or organization, you need concrete answers to these questions:

  • Do you know who your customers are?  Really know who they are?
  • Do you know who your potential new customers are?
  • Do you know “where” they are when it comes to media, be it traditional or social?
  • Do you own and control every aspect of your digital presence?

At Lumaro, we help you find these answers so you know who your customers and prospects are, and where to meet them.

It all starts with Lumaro’s Digital Presence Audit (DPA), an in-depth review of your online footprint.  It’s the first step to meeting your customers and clients where they are.

From there, we can help you develop detailed customer and market profiles, and help you develop a strategy that will maximize the efficiency of what you spend on client prospecting and engagement.

Connect. Improve. Grow.