Strategic Planning is critical for success.

So, why do so many organizations get it wrong?

Setting a strategic plan for your organization is no small task.  To do it right, it requires research, time, thought, and collaboration to bring out the best in those who participate in the process.  Yet many organizations get it wrong because they don’t stay focused on what it is strategic planning sessions are supposed to achieve in the first place:  The destination you want to reach within the planning time frame.

In simplest terms, a strategic plan clearly states where you are today (Point A) and where you want to go (Point B).

For Point A, you need to understand your environment, and the context within which your organization fits into that environment.  This keeps you from setting an unrealistic destination:  You may want to shoot for the moon, but it’s impossible to get there if you can’t build a rocket.

For Point B, the only thing you want to set is the destination.  Too many times, strategic planning sessions result in operational conversations, which takes ownership of the journey away from senior leadership and staff.  A proper strategic plan tells them where to go:  It’s their job to get the map, understand the terrain, figure out the best, most efficient, and fastest way to get there within your defined time frame.  It’s their job to build the Operational Plan.

The Strategic Plan dictates the Organizational Goals which are executed via the Operational Plan that contains clear Success Indicators and drives the Organizational Budget.  In other words, the Strategic Plan drives the success of your organization.

At Lumaro, our Principals have over 50 years’ combined experience in media, communications, transportation, logistics, sales, operations, and executive leadership in both the for-profit and purpose-driven (not-for-profit) worlds.

Our Process

We implement a 5-stage Strategic Planning process designed to deliver maximum value to your organization as efficiently as possible.  We can oversee the entire program, or deliver any of the below phases on an a-la-carte basis, depending on your needs.

Phase 1 – Discovery

  • We compile research, interviews, and materials you provide, in order to understand your organization’s history
  • We perform an Environmental Scan, to understand all external factors that affect your organization, including opportunities and threats
  • We research Organizational Context, to understand your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, and the resources available to you
  • We engage all stakeholders, and conduct research and interviews to gain their perspective on your organzation

The output of Phase 1 is our OASA document (Organizational Assessment & SWOT Analysis), which forms the foundation for the overall strategic planning process.

Phase 2 – Deliberation

  • We deliver and present the OASA to those who will be participating in the Strategic Planning process
  • We allow time for all to read the OASA, reflect, and rethink their preconceptions prior to the in-person Strategic Planning sessions

Phase 3 – Discernment

  • We faciliate Strategic Planning during three to five half-day sessions (full-day sessions are not as productive in our experience, and do not respect the other work or commitments participants may have)
  • We prepare and deliver a draft copy of the strategic plan for further discussion, and receive feedback on desired changes to the form and wording of the final Strategic Plan document

Phase 4 – Definition

  • We provide you with a final version of your Strategic Plan, fully publishable in electronic format (and print if requested at the outset).  Among other things, this document will contain your:
    • Mission (why we are here)
    • Vision (our ultimate destination)
    • Values (what we believe)
    • Organzational Goals (where we are going next)

Phase 5 – Delivery

  • We work with your Senior Leadership to help them develop their Operational Plan, Operational Goals, and Success Indicators that align fully with the Strategic Plan of your Organization
  • We promote awareness of the Roles & Responsibilities of your Board, Senior Leadership, and Staff in achieving your Organizational Goals, and ensuring complete alignment with your Strategic Plan

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