Project Description

If your business has a physical location, then you know the headaches of bricks-and-mortar.  Maintenance, rent (or mortgage) payments, utilities, internet…There’s lots for you to worry about.  And as you grow, you may have to change locations, expand, or remodel your existing space to suit your evolving business needs.

The same can be said for your website.  It needs to constantly be an up-to-date reflection of your business.  It requres maintenance.  You pay for hosting.  You pay for the traffic that visits your website every month.

A website isn’t really “there,” is it?  So, it shouldn’t be anywhere near as hard (or expensive) as bricks-and-mortar to maintain, grow, expand, remodel, or even move (to a different service provider) someday.

So, why isn’t that true for the majority of small-and-medium-sized businesses?

The simple answer is, you have other (more important) things to focus on, so you may treat your website as an afterthought, or only as a “business card.”  You’re willing to do something “quick-and-dirty,” or do it yourself using an online builder, because it’s simple, and (you think) way less expensive than having someone build your website for you.

Would you rather rent your office space, or own it?

At Lumaro, we help you take full control of your digital footprint. We help you own your website.  And, if you decide someday that you don’t want to work with us anymore, whoever you work with next won’t have to start from scratch – they can simply remodel what you already have.  Plus, with our Business Essentials website priced at $995*, we can have you up and running with a professional, well-branded website that properly reflects your business in next to no time.

Want to learn more?  Talk with us.  Click on the button below, and we’ll arrange a meeting to discuss your digital needs.

* Price for the custom design and creation of a three-page website, includes domain registration for one year.  Hosting charges extra.  Speak with us for complete details.