Project Description

Do you own 100% of your online presence?  Have you taken control of the information that search engines, aggregation websites, and online directories have about your business or organization?  Did you know that if these “aggregators” have information posted about you that differs from your own website, that it can drive down your website’s score and make it appear lower in Google’s search rankings?

Have you taken control of your Google Maps listings?  Do you know what Bing or other search engines say about you?  Is your social media clean, or are their things in your history that should be removed?

At Lumaro, we can conduct a full Digital Presence Audit (DPA) for your organization or business for only $395.  What you receive is a comprehensive report that details what you need to know, fix, or take control of in the online world to make sure you consistently put your best foot forward, and that all of the online information about you is 100% accurate.

Your report will also include a detailed estimate with different options you can select from, should you want Lumaro to perform that cleanup for you.  What’s more, we’ll provide you with an automatic 50% discount on the next $800 you spend with us for any of our other products and services, including our Digital Cleanup.

Give us a call, or simply chat with us using the Chat window at the bottom right of your screen.  Remember, your consultation is free!