The Nonprofit Excellence Seminar Series is designed to give purpose-driven teams the skills needed to boost engagement and community impact.


Tuesday, October 15, 2019

This Half-Day Seminar is designed for anyone with a role in establishing or maintaining your digital presence (your website, social media, etc.) or for anyone contacting or interacting with the media on behalf of your organization.

Mass communications is more complex today than ever before. Broadcasting has become “narrow-casting” to specific audiences – and traditional media still matters. You need to get your message out to the right audience, and via the right channels – but which ones should you use? Depending on the channel, how you say it can sometimes be more important than what you have to say.

In this three-hour seminar, you will learn how to effectively communicate your messages to traditional media, and in traditional media. Learn how to ensure it reaches your target audience(s) efficiently, effectively and – more importantly – actually gets covered in the first place.

Topics Covered:

  • How to write a media release so the media will print it, or report on it
  • How to engage the media, and the media landscape today
  • How to handle an interview (media training) and the importance of preparation
  • Developing communications frameworks and key messaging
  • Defining your goals and needs for media coverage
  • What to do after media coverage to maximize the impact for your organization


Monday, October 21, 2019

This Half-Day Seminar is designed for anyone with a role in establishing or maintaining your digital presence (your website, social media, etc.) along with anyone engaged in complaint handling, customer/client services within your organization.

Social media has both democratized and fragmented audiences in the extreme. More importantly, our “always-on” society has created an expectation that organizations will be responsive across many platforms when their clients or stakeholders need to reach them. Social media is also an incredibly effective (and cost-effective) tool for non-profits to communicate with the public.

In this three-hour seminar, you will learn how to identify the best social media channels to use in order to reach your stakeholders, clients, and members of the public, in order to promote your organization. You will also learn how to create compelling, effective content that gets noticed.

Topics Covered:

  • Choosing the right channels, so you can meet people where they are
  • Common social media mistakes, and how to avoid (or correct) them
  • Writing for Social Media – The most common misconceptions
  • How your Content and Responses helps you manage your online reputation
  • Social Media Monitoring & Publishing – How to do it right, using the right tools


Monday, October 28, 2019

This Half-Day Seminar is designed for anyone within your organization who makes presentations to the public (volunteers, clients, etc.) or to governments or government agencies (municipal councils, provincial or federal ministries, etc.), or anyone involved in fundraising efforts on behalf of your organization.

Whether it’s to volunteers, clients, stakeholders, board members, donors, government agencies, or politicians: If you work at a non-profit, presentations are a fact of life. But are they effective? Do they focus on the right things? Do they achieve the results you want? Are they customized for different audiences? Do you know what makes some presentations more effective than others? (Hint: it’s not about the technology or how pretty your slides are).

In this three-hour seminar, you will learn how to create and deliver impactful presentations regardless of audience, and how to make sure your message is delivered effectively every time.

Topics Covered:

  • The Technology Trap – Why you should spend less time focusing on slides
  • Verbal Presentation Techniques – How to improve your “performance”
  • How to craft a great presentation that engages your audience
  • Why body language is more important than what is on the screen
  • Understanding your presentation “style,” and how to perfect it
  • How to read an audience, and prepare for the worst without stressing out


Tuesday, November 5, 2019

This Half-Day Seminar is designed for anyone who might be tasked with creating and executing a strategic or operational plan either for their department, or for your entire organization.

Nonprofits don’t have to struggle, even in today’s world. To succeed long-term, you need to move from cause-centred to results-oriented. It’s a non-negotiable transformation if you expect to survive the next 20 years. Strategic Planning is the start of this process. Yet so many NPO’s get it wrong, because they don’t properly understand the difference between strategic and operational planning.

In this three-hour seminar, you will learn how to translate your cause into a solid mission, vision, and set of values for your organization. You will learn how to create strategic and operational plans that deliver the results you need to maximize your ability to have the impact you desire.

Topics Covered:

  • Reviewing/Creating your mission, vision, values, and manifesto
  • Who needs to be involved in the process, and how to engage them
  • Essential steps you need to take to create a proper (and great) strategic plan
  • Self-Planning vs. Consultants – How to know when to bring in help
  • The strategic-operational-budget chain, and how it works for you
  • Creating practical and achievable Operational Plans you can live with


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

This full-day workshop is designed exclusively for Executive Directors, Chief Executives, and other current (or future) Senior Nonprofit Leaders.

Non-profit organizations are not normal “businesses.” As a senior leader within an NPO, you face challenges every day that defy convention, require agile thinking, and a deft touch to advance your cause and serve your clients. Leading an NPO is hard work, with financial challenges most in the for-profit world will never encounter. Come network, learn, and grow with other leaders.

This comprehensive full-day seminar will teach you powerful techniques that will help you excel, challenge you to question the status quo, and encourage you to be the best leader you can be – all within the unique and challenging contexts of a purpose-driven organization.

Topics Covered:

  • Attributes of a Leader, and how to develop your own Leadership Strategies and Style
  • The Non-Profit Paradox, and how it affects your ability to deliver results
  • Managing Staff and Volunteers – the foolproof F.I.R.E.U.P. Feedback System
  • Governance vs. Working Boards, and how to recruit great Board members
  • Key internal relationships that will drive (or impair) your organization’s success
  • Building relationships across agencies, organizations, and geography
  • The new realities all nonprofits must face